Alternative Transport Solutions Across South Tees

Are you vulnerable or disabled? Maybe you just need safer, more reliable transport for appointments? We've sourced some alternative options for you...

Over the last few months, we've been out talking to community groups and individuals about their experiences of local health and social care.

One of the hot topics of conversation always seems to be transport - whether that be a lack of it, complications surrounding the practicalities and suitability of it, or frustrations over the timing and costing of private services. 

What you may not know is - there are alternatives to busses and taxis etc. 

Given the importance of this issue, we have done some research to find out exactly what's out there for the people of South Tees. Here's what we found: 

  • The patient transport Service is for patients going to hospital for non-emergency tests or treatment who are normally expected to make their own way there. Only specific individuals will qualify for this service (i.e. disabled, elderly) but its worth checking if you - or your loved ones - are eligible. 
  • Tees Flex - Using the Tees Flex app (iOS and Android), customers can hail a vehicle directly from their smartphone. This app's clever algorithms enable multiple passengers to seamlessly share the journey with other customers making similar trips in the area. The technology directs passengers to a nearby 'virtual bus stop' (within a short walking distance) for their pick-up and drop-off points, allowing for quick and efficient shared trips - taking customers where they like, when they like!

  • Blood Run EVS is a service used for transporting much needed blood in different locations - however they do provide a patient transport service on occasion. For example, the service is open to: those who need to attend cognitive therapy sessions, or anyone with dementia (provided they are safe to travel with just a driver). Please visit their website for more information. 

  • Finally, Tees Valley Rural Action operates two different transport schemes. They offer safe, reliable, and affordable transport services for any voluntary sector or community group, along with rural residents of the Tees Valley who are experiencing genuine transport difficulties.

If you have any further information on local services, please contact us on 0800 118 1691 or email . We're more than happy to add additional suggestions to this list. 

Please note: Services are subject to change. Costings apply to some of these options. 

The information within this piece is for signposting purposes only. Please make further inquires for more specified information.

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