What is a Community Champion? 

Community Champions are at the heart of Healthwatch! 

Our Champions use their skills, expertise and knowledge of our local community to help us better understand people's experiences of health and social care.

Find out more about how Community Champions help shape our work. 

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Community Champion

Meet our Community Champions

We'd like you to meet all of the fantastic individuals who have agreed to become Community Champions and work with us to improve health and social care in our area.

They will all share intelligence with us and talk to us about local people's experiences. 

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Become a Community Champion

Fancy becoming a Community Champion? 

We'll tell you more about who can become a Community Champion and the benefits of being part of our diverse network! 

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Latest News 

Find out what our Community Champions have been up to. 

From celebration events and collaborative work to community engagement and intelligence sharing... you'll find it here! 

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