Boro Man Can launches new website

#BoroManCan is a men’s health initiative which aims to inspire Middlesbrough men to live longer, function and feel better.
Boro Man Can Banner

As of January 2020, Middlesbrough men:

  • Die younger than women from preventable illnesses, such as lung cancer (from smoking) or diabetes.
  • Account for almost 4 out of 5 suicides locally.
  • Only account for around a quarter of local appointments for health services.

Spearheaded by Public Health, the campaign aims to introduce a culture-shift among men and promote sharing troubles and seeking appropriate support.

The website contains information about #BoroManCan, including case studies of local men telling their stories of challenges and how they have made positive lifestyle changes, as well as media content, information on how to find help and get further involved.

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