Aapna Services

We visited Aapna Services in Middlesbrough on Monday 26 February 2018 to speak to a ladies group who currently meet three times a week.
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Aapna works closely with people from ethnic minority backgrounds. It provides for, and supports local BME network groups that encourages and enables people to participate more effectively with the wider community.

Summary of Intelligence

  • Lack of provision of information in accessible format for BAME communities. Service users are not being made aware of changes to services as they are not receiving this information.
  • Due to language issues access to certain services is also affected by barriers caused by language and communication.
  • Lack of awareness of what services offer is also preventing service users from accessing them. Feedback indicated a lack of awareness of what Social Services and Social Workers do for this community and difficulties in contacting the service due to language barriers also make this difficult.
  • The community has little knowledge of cancer awareness and other topics that would be beneficial in preventing long term conditions. They have expressed an interest in receiving awareness sessions around these topics.
  • There seems to be an inconsistency in interpreting provision at appointments.


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Aapna Services Community Engagement and Intelligence