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People across Teesside are being asked to share their views to help improve mental health and learning disability services.
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Tees, Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust (TEWV) has launched ‘Our Big Conversation’ and is asking people to share their views to help to improve the quality of care it provides for service users, carers and families. 

Brent Kilmurray, chief executive at TEWV, said: “Since joining the trust as chief executive at the end of June I have been having conversations with service users, carers, staff, governors and stakeholders. I wanted to understand people’s views on the quality of services that we provide and where they felt I needed to focus my time to help ensure TEWV has the most positive impact possible.

“Over the last few weeks I’ve heard from almost 1000 service users, carers, staff, governors and stakeholders and they have shared over 5,000 pieces of feedback. Through these initial conversations, people have also very kindly shared their experiences of receiving care at TEWV and we know there are some things we need to change.

“I want to ensure we create an opportunity for everyone to share their views, have their voices heard and to help us shape our future together. 

“We have launched Our Big Conversation, which runs until 8 September, and we’ll be asking everyone to get involved and to share their thoughts, ideas and insights. 

“I’m absolutely committed to ensuring that everyone receives the best possible care and support from TEWV and to do this I know that we must really listen and understand what works well and what needs to change. We’ll use the feedback and ideas to help us create changes which really address the needs of service users, carers, families and our communities and improve the care we deliver.”

For more information and to join Our Big Conversation visit the website:

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