Annalice Argyle - The Recovery Advocates and Consultants

Working with those who have become marginalised through substance misuse and/or their mental health

Why did you decide to become a Community Champion? 

I became involved with Healthwatch South Tees after it was suggested that I could provide feedback about the experiences my clients were having while using local services. 

I also feel that being involved with Healthwatch provides our clients with a degree of confidence, knowing that we are linked to an organisation that oversees care in the local area. 

How does your role help people in South Tees? 

I work with individuals in Teesside who have become marginalised through substance misuse and mental health issues. Many are also experiencing homelessness. 

We provide wrap around advocacy support to assist the clients at the start of their recovery journey and help with things like benefit tribunals, GP appointments, housing issues, and family matters. 

Find out more about my work...

Via the Recovery Advocates and Consultants website. Click here for further information. 

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