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Your spotlight on local services

Youthwatch South Tees

Healthwatch South Tees is currently developing a young person’s shadow board named 'Youthwatch'. We are looking for people aged 14 – 25 who live within the South Tees region who are passionate about raising the voices of young people about health and social care services.

Youthwatch aims:

  • To become a champion for young people and support to raise their voices on how health and social care services can be better-utilised and delivered.
  • To reach young people from all around Middlesbrough, Redcar and East Cleveland to ensure that every young person has a chance to have their say.
  • To provide feedback to service providers, ensuring health and social care services take into account the views of young people in order to meet their needs.

Being a member of ‘Youthwatch’ will carry a range of voluntary roles, these will support the aim of gathering as much feedback as possible from young people about health and social care services. These roles include:

  • Survey design: You will support the design and distribution of surveys for young people to complete. The surveys will offer people the opportunity to identify improvements that could be made to the services they have accessed, and highlight barriers that prevent or make it more difficult for young people to access appropriate care. Surveys will be developed in both paper and digital formats.

  • Community engagement: Developing both professional and community contacts within South Tees is a pivotal role for members of 'Youthwatch', providing opportunity to collect information from people in the community and feed it back to those who can assist in influencing positive change. This could provide volunteers opportunities to meet professionals and influential people within the health and social care sector, as well as expand their peer groups.
  • Stall Holding/Events: Engaging with your peers, whether that be in school, college or university, as well as clubs and other social environments, is vital to ensure that meaningful information is gathered. ‘Youthwatch’ aims to be as visible as possible in a variety of settings, to give as many members of the community as possible the chance to provide valuable feedback.

  • Social media / digital engagement:  ‘Youthwatch’ will provide opportunity to harness the right skills and expertise to develop a robust mechanism for maintaining a strong online presence, ensuring that we are engaging with as many young people as possible. This role presents opportunities to develop creative writing, video and online engagement skills, and allows you to apply them in meaningful ways.

Being part of 'Youthwatch' will allow you to gain valuable insight into how the health and social care sector operates, and offer opportunities to meet influential people within the sector in Teesside. You don't need to have extensive knowledge of health and social care – The role of 'Youthwatch' is to help bridge the gap between the complex health and social care landscapes and the young people that use them!

If you are interested in volunteering for Youthwatch, please email Jake at jake.graham@healthwatchsouthtees.org.uk for further details.

Your Local Healthwatch

The next meeting of the Healthwatch South Tees Leadership and Delivery Group will be taking place on 8 March. Click here for the agenda.

Nominate a Star!

Have you received outstanding care and treatment?  Has a heathcare professional gone the extra mile?  Would you like to share your positive experience about a health and social care service?

If you would like to nominate an employee, volunteer or department of a health and social care service (in Middlesbrough or Redcar and Cleveland) then please click here!

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Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) 2018

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) in Durham and Tees are working together to deliver an enhanced IAPT service that it is consistent and equitable across the region with a single point of access.  This will mean changing the way that the service is delivered currently, and they are at the stage where they would like to gain views on the proposed model from past and current services users. Click here to share your feedback.